One refrigerator, many magnets, one love for journeys.


refrigirator magnets journeys

You can find it in any house. Discreetly placed, although its volume, keeps our food fresh. We open and close its door when we need something and other times with no obvious reason at all. The refrigerator trully is one of the most important electric appliances of a household. Its evolution was spectacular since it begun as a wooden box full of ice blocks and today it is an elegant appliance with an unknown, to many people, way of function. Of course you might ask your selves why is there a post for refrigerators in a travel blog. Well the reason is that my fridge is not only an appliance that conserves my groceries but it is also a part of my journeys. I have placed on its surface various magnets from my travels around the world. Not from every country since i wasn’t collecting from the beginning, but from the most.

refrigirator magnets journeys

These souvenirs were a very nice way for me to keep tracking memories from my journeys. Their variety is vast. Colourful, small or big, costing less money than their true emotional value, featuring themes from the country of origin. This could be a monument, a photo or other times the country’s flag, a small figurine, a local landmark or traditional products. From the very first time i travelled to Tunisia and bought a magnet featuring a camel ( Which i broke accidentally ) i felt the need to continue collecting those interesting and various souvenirs. Every time i was coming back, full of joy, i was placing them one by one on my fridge, which served this purpose ideally. On the one hand with its big surface i had the ability to have all my collection in one place instead of having it apart. On the other hand “visiting” it frequently to meet my biological needs, was the perfect opportunity to stare at my collection. One quick, passing glance while opening the door was more than enough. Evey magnet was bringing back to my mind memories from journeys, according its origin. The burial mask of Tutankhamun reminded me of Egypt, the manneken pis, Brussels, the tuk tuk the country of Thailand!

refrigirator magnets journeys

Each time i visited a country i always bought magnets of my choice to add them to my collection. I used to buy magnets as presents to dear friends, presents that although their small value, were accepted enthusiastically. Now, while writing this article, i wonder which will be my next destination and my thought flies to my collection of magnets. There is more that enough space on it. As long as i travel i will continue collecting magnets as souvenirs and maybe one day i will surely need to change my fridge.

refrigirator magnets journeys



4 thoughts on “One refrigerator, many magnets, one love for journeys.

  1. Σου προτείνω τα δίπορτα ψυγεία,ξέρεις,εκείνα τα αμερικάνικα…καθώς και τα καλοριφέρ!Καλή συνέχεια στα ταξίδια σου τόσο τα κυριολεκτικά όσο και τα συγγραφικά και καλή επιτυχία στο ιστολόγιό σου,Μανθάκο!


  2. δεν νομίζω να υπάρχει άνθρωπος που να ταξιδεύει σε ένα καινούριο μέρος και να μην παίρνει μαγνητάκι.είναι το σήμα κατατεθέν των ταξιδίων. 🙂 πολύ όμορφη η σελίδα σου μάνθο.keep on good job 🙂


    • Πράγματι φαντάζομαι όλοι έχουν τουλάχιστον ένα μαγνητάκι στο ψυγείο τους. Από τα καλύτερα αναμνηστικά!! Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα καλά σου λόγια..


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