Photo of the Week

Photo of the week

One picture worts a thousand words….I believe all of us have heard that old Chinese proverb, that expresses in a simple yet comprehensive way, what a photo succesfully succeeds. To enclose within thoughts, feelings, experiences, memories, all through the capture of a single moment. Thats what a photo is. The capture of a moment in time, a moment that has gone and still remains vivid through the photo and the momories that awakes.

Journeys would be different without photos. The more vivid we feel our memories from magical, dreamy destinations, the more we remember places and sights we have sean, the easier we forget as time passes. While time goes by it shoftens out emotions and leads our memories to oblivion. Photos however remain vivid in time and whenever nostalgically we look at them, we bring back all those experiences, all those moments that once were our present.

A new category will be added in the blog that will be called ” Photo of the Week”. Photos from journeys and beautiful destinations i have visited will be posted there. It will be a landscape or people, a photo of things or moments as they were reflected on my lense. I want to believe that through my photos you will feel some of the emotions that i felt when i was taking them. My purpose is to carry you mentally to all those places i travelled, to make you participants to the journey we make through this blog. The posted photos will travel you, amaze you and dare you to travel, to visit destinations distant or close, to love journeys

Have a nice trip…..



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