The night falls over the land of the Nile

Photo of the week

Cairo, Egypt and the sun sets above the land of the Nile. One last walk by the eastern shore of the “God” river of the Egyptians is necessary as the perfect ending to the fisrt day of my journey. Unique scenes fill my mind and my camera is on fire. The colours of the sunset paint the horizon in Cairo with fabulus orange shades. At the foreground distinguishly places the tower of Cairo along with a felucca. The small, traditional boat with its sails all up, sails on the river’s waters. The scenery can’t live me untouched and my photographer’s instict takes over. Just a few revews in the settings of the camera and then waiting for the best frame. One click of the shutter is enough and the moment is captured.

Nile, Cairo, Egypt

Canon EOS 40D, f/3.2 1/50 45 χιλιοστά ISO640

Night falls and the darkness spreads. The lights illuminate the chaotic capital of Egypt and the felucca continues to sail on its lonely journey. The sun will be reborn the next morning….



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