James Bond’s journeys around the world

James Bond Daniel Craig

All of us, who love journeys, have sat in front of a map of the world locating the countries we have visited and counting them. Truly how many times haven’t we envied other people’s travel maps that have pinned more countries than us! It seems that even James Bond, the movie spy, has his own travel map, which is very impressive.

He has visited, either for business or pleasure 78 countries spanning all corners of the earth! He has never been only to Oceania yet. In these journeys has travelled about 180.000 miles, approximately 289.600 Km. From all the actors that have embodied the role of the legendary agent 007, Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore have travelled the most since they have both visited 18 countries, among which China, Azerbaijan, Brazil and India for the need of movies such as Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, Moonraker and Octopussy respectively. George Lazenby on the other hand has travelled the least, only in 3 countries. He is excused though since he has made only one movie portraying agent 007 ( On Her Majesty’s Secret Service ). However he had the opportunity to visit Portugal and Switzerland. The first ever actor to portray the role of James Bond was Scottish actor Sean Connery, who travelled in 16 countries like Jamaica and Japan during the filming of the movies Dr No and You Only Live Twice respectively.

It is worth mentioning that Roger Moore is the only actor that travelled to Greece as agent 007. That was during the filming of the movie For Your Eyes Only in Both in locations like the Achilleion in Corfu and Meteora.


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