The amazing view of Singapore from the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel

Marina bay sands hotel, Singapore

You can’t miss it!! As you look left or right staring the huge skyscrapers, at some point your look will fall upon it! It is in any case a great speciment of modern architecture and at the same time a proof that there are no limits in constructions. It is the new landmark of the city of Singapore. I am talking of course about the Marina Bay Sands resort, where the homonym hotel is located.

Marina bay sands hotel, Singapore

It was one of the biggest contruction projects in Singapore, along with te Sentosa Island, planning to serve the future developments in the financial and touristic field. You see in Singapore, people are not short-sighted. On the contrary they look straight ahead and they plan their future moves. Moves that will retain and increase the financial power of the small island-state and place it as a leader in the touristic field. Singapore bay is full of skyscrapers that form the skyline and the Marina Bay Sands is just a part of this gigantic development. Future plans include the contruction of more buildings that will change the shape of the area.

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The design of the hotel will affect emotionally even the less interested in architecture. 3 skyscrapers, each with 55 storeys, are located one next to the other, the same time that a huge, 10 acres, terrace is places on the top of them. There lies the so cold Skypark, where among the restaurants and the cafes, there is also huge swimming pool. Standing 191 meters above ground is the highest infinity pool in the world.

Infinitive pool, View from Marina bay sands hotel, Singapore

Of course you have to be a resident of the hotel in order to use the 146 meters long infinity swimming pool. Worths mentioning that a two person regular room costs about 400 euros per night. Bad news for me that was staying in a humple hotel in Little India. However tere is the deck on the top, which is open to public. The so called SkyDeck is open daily ( Monday to Thursday: 9:30am to 10pm, Friday to Sunday: 9:30am and 11pm ) and the ticket costs 23 Singapore dollars. Fair price because the view from the top is breathtaking enouch to reward you.

Skydeck, Marina bay sands hotel, Singapore


Why don’t we go together to admire the marvellous view? The  Singapore Metro (Mass Rapid Transit) is the best way to move around the lively Asian metropolis! From every station simply head towards Circle Line ( Yellow Line ) or Downtown Line ( Blue Line ). Disembark in the common, for both lines, Bayfront station. There is the Marina Bay Sands. From the hotel’s reception you can buy the ticket to the deck. Minutes later, with the fast elavator, and you are on tha famous SkyDeck.

Remember all the stuff i said about planning? Nothing is left to chance. that was the fisrt thought that came to my mind, when i felt that the location of the hotel, the deck , were all contructed in such a way so that the beautiful view of the Singapore bay would be in the epicentre of attention. The SkyDeck is the urban photographer’s paradise. It offers a panoramic view of the city that fascinates the traveller. Worthy the 23 Singapore dollars. Towards the South impressive is the image of the tens of commercial ships that wait to disembark at one of the busiest harbors in the world

View from Marina bay sands hotel, Singapore

Singapore port

At the foreground someone can see the recently contructed botanical gardens, which unfortunately were not completed when i visited the city. Turning my head to the East, i saw Singapore’s Eye, the huge Ferris wheel, similar to the one in London. At the same area the facilities of the formula one circuit are located. The race takes place during nightfall in the illuminated urban scenery of Singapore. From the top i could see part of the circuit, along with the pits.

View from Marina bay sands hotel, Singapore

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As i moved around the SkyDeck i finally found the spot that offers the very best view. Honestly the scenery i saw caused my jaws to drop!! That astonishingly the scenery was. The skyscrapers in a row, forming the skyline and high density residential blocks at the background. From up there, nearly from 200 meters high, Singapore looked vast, all teh way to the horizon i could see buildings. Skyscrapers and tall residential buildings, formed the image of a city that has suffered extensive contruction for height. Since the total area of Singapore is so small the future extension of the city could only be lengthwise. Overpopulated as it was, was giving you the image of a city where everyone lives above the other.

View from Marina bay sands hotel, Singapore

View from Marina bay sands hotel, Singapore

View from Marina bay sands hotel, Singapore

Visible from that height were many other landmarks of the city like the cityhall, the Fullerton hotel, the Esplanade theater and the floating football/soccer stadium. All connected with a grid of pedestrian’s ways, creating the image of a city exceptionaly friendly towards the visitors.

View from Marina bay sands hotel, Singapore

Indeed that was obvious from the top. It was the view of a beautiful city, a city both vivid and attractive to the traveller, with its parks full of green, although the vast contruction. The water as an element is everywhere with the Singapore bay in the foreground. Some of the city’s canals were visible at the back. My camera started taking photos without stopping and kept capturing the majestic view of that wonderful Asian city. The weather was dull, clounty, as in a city that is described by the heavy raifalls. The very first drops started falling and as a result people left for the interior of the hotel. Fortunately i had taken my photos. I simply took some time to videotape some frames, because photography and video have their differencies.

I left from the Marina Bay Sands happy and charmed having my mind full with beautiful images. The most important thing was that i witnessed an appealing aspect of the city. A city, a result that was planned, designed and placed Singapore to the high position it has in the world. That structure, the city is visible from up there!!! Just go and take a look….




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