Just a glimpse of the Pantheon

Photo of the week

Rome, the eternal city. It’s the fourth day in the Italian capital
and i am going back to my hotel, after a long, full day. Sightseeing is always my priority but that day i walked a lot. More than other days. I found my self passing by Piazza della Rotonda, where the great temple of the Pantheon is located and i sat on the base of the small fountain. A beautiful fountain with four dolphins decorating the base and an obelisk at the centre. While i was sitting there catching up my breath, i started staring at the huge temple. Beautifully illuminated in the darkness was the epicentre of the square. Lots of people were passing by although it was late enough. At the facade of the temple the big latin inscripion was giving the name of the person that commissioned the construction, Mario Agrippa. I took the camera and i started playing with the settings. I wanted to blur the motion of the walking people so i used a slow shutter speed. A few shots, to see if the settings were wright, led me to this photo.

Pantheon, Rome

Canon EOS 40D f/2.8  1/8  24 mm ISO800

I don’t know why but i really love this photo. The frame is nice showing only a small portion of the temple. I think its well balanced, sharp enough for a handheld photo and the motion of the people is captured by the slow shutter speed. There are a lot of people walking furthemore i like the way the blured motion is combined with the Pantheon that shands there in time. A great memory from Rome…


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