White and blue, the colour of the Aegean, the colour of Cyclades

Photo of the week

My summer vacations were very beautiful. That’s what i was thinking while i was organizing the photos from this summer. In front of my computer’s screen, i was checking them one by one, until i stopped on this one. It features the Chora ( capital ) of the island of Serifos at around 5 p.m. It’s a photo that projects the unique beauty of the island. An amazing scenery that captivates our senses. The white and the blue dominates the frame, as the colors of the Aegean, as the colors that from far away characterize the Cyclades. White houses and blue sky, harmonically combined, define the island group.

Chora, Serifos

Canon EOS 40D  f/11  1/250  70 mm  ISO100

The small houses, narrowly placed together, give the feeling of an uncontrollably structured society, however this is the very first impression. Walking up the scenic alleys someone feels very intimately, feels emotionally relaxed and serene. Exactly what a traveler seeks in the vacations. On the hard, rough, rocky hill a small chapel is located high above the Chora calling the traveler to walk all the way to the top. Definetely one of the most picturesque places i have seen in Greece. A must-visit place.



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