A blast from the past in modern Dubai


Photo of the week

Dubai, a city that amazes the traveler, a city that was transformed from a small fishing village to a vast, modern metropolis. Progress doesn’t stop in Dubai, where major building corporations construct, what many people believe is the future. And yet there is another Dubai, the old Dubai in the district of Deira, where the traveler can have a glance of the past. The Dubai Creek divides the old part and the new part of the city. Many bridges connect the two shores allowing population to move around, the same time when underground tunnels were constructed as a part of the futuristic metro system. However there is another way to cross the creek, the way people used to cross it on the past. The Abras, the traditional small boats serve as water taxis that go from the one shore to the other, currying passengers.

Dubai Creek

Canon EOS 40D f/11  1/250  60 χιλιοστά  ISO100

That was my favorite mean of transportation in the modern Dubai. Among the locals, paying only one dirham, as a one way tickets, enjoying the vivid experience of crossing the creek. I used to take the Abra from the station near the spice souk all the way through the busy, full of merchant ships and Abras creek, to the old souk area. A magnificent, short ride! From there, just near Bastakiya neighborhood, i took this photo, a blast from the past, an image of a city that moves and grows but still remains the same. A city where the Abras continue to sail on the busy waters of the Dubai Creek.


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