15+1 useful items that you have to take with you in your journey.

Various items

Journeys, journeys, journeys!! As many as i have made, i am always searching my new destination. Of course, journeys need good preparation, in order not to face any problems while traveling. Good preparation means, obviously, good organization of the things that we are about to take with us, so that we don’t have to take more luggage than those we need. From every item that someone can take, there are a few simple, useful things, that it would be wise to always have with us while traveling. So lets see which are these 15+1 items, that every traveler should take along.

1. Smartphone

Mobile phone

The most necessary gadget of today’s era is unarguably, the mobile phone. It has evolved from a simple device for calls to a pocket computer. With that you can browse the internet, find useful information for your journey, get to know the weather, read about the sights you see.

2. Credit Card

Credit card

Although i am not in favor of its use, especially because of my disagreement on buying on credit, i have to admit that sometimes while on travel, it helped me a lot! They are accepted everywhere in the world and in occasions of an emergency, when there is luck of cash, they can save you.

3. Photo camera/Video-camera

Photographic camera

You can’t travel without a photographic camera/video-camera. Capturing the moments of the journey, the sights and the places you visit, you keep alive the memories you create. Necessary gadget for the travels enthusiasts. Personally firstly i charge my camera and secondly i prepare my luggage!

4. Money belt

Money belt

The money belt is an extremely simple yet useful item. I am sure you will love it. You wear it around your waist, like a belt, and since its very thin, no one can see it underneath your clothes. You can put inside it money or various travel documents, protecting them, away from the curious eyes.

5. Electrical socket adapter

Electrical adapter

We talked about that in a previous article, presenting the different types of electrical sockets around the world. A universal adapter will provide you with solutions, giving an end to the compatibility issues. Now you will be able to charge your devices in every destination.

6. Power strip

Power strip

By having  many devices and gadgets with you, the need for charging them increases. The room in your hotel might have 2 or 3 electrical sockets. How can you expect to charge both the mobile phone, the tablet, the photographic camera or the video-camera. The power strip will provide you the solution. Mark my words. Prefer one with at least 4 sockets.

7. Notebook and pen


Yeah i know you will probably tell me that you have your cellphone for that job! However a notebook with a pen remain the best way to keep notices, especially in occasions you are either in a hurry or the environment is hazardous. You can drop your pen but what about your mobile phone?? Just take one with you and you are definitely going to use it.

8. Neck pillow

Neck pillow

I first used it while on a long flight to Thailand and since then i always carry one with me. The neck pillow is discreet and you can put it everywhere. Just inflate it when you need it and enjoy your travel. It offers support for you head in such a way that your sleep will be relaxed.

9. Book


A book was the best companion during a travel since ever. It can be a literature book or a tourist guide. While waiting for your ride, traveling for hours until you reach your destination or even when night falls just before you sleep, a book usually helps you to fell that time flies. So don’t forget it for your next journey. Take a good book with you.

10. Wet wipes

Wet wipes

I first encounter them during my obligatory service in the army! I always had them with me when i needed to clean my hands or my forehead being way of a water source. The kept being useful in my travels as well. Having antiseptic action you will feel lucky to have them in case you want something to eat, with your hands, after a camel ride…

11. Wrist watch/Alarm clock

Wrist watch

I have a wrist watch, which serves me flawlessly! I change the hour depending the time zone of my destination and then i don’t worry about anything. There is no chance to miss your flight anymore. A watch will always be useful while on vacation.

12. Backpack


While walking and admiring the places and sights you visit, you will always need to have with you various items, such as a bottle of water. Other times you might buy something on the road like a souvenir, or the leaflet of a museum! It’s extremely useful to have a backpack with you! That way you will be able to carry all the various items you need and in the same time to move relaxed.

13. Earplugs


Earplug…Not easy to use ( personal opinion ), but on the other hand absolutely necessary. Journeys are tiring and the need for relaxation is big. There is no worst feeling than trying to get some sleep while various noises keep waking you up. The sounds, the noises, the music are parts of the journey, but the moments of  rest require silence.

14. Simple medicines


I have never taken any special medicine or had any vaccination shot in any of my travels, even in Asia. However it’s not a bad idea to take a painkiller with you. Moreover diarrhea or gastroenteritis that are some of the most common health problems  you might face in you journey will need the right medication to deal with them. Lastly take with you a mosquito repellent spray in case you travel in a country with an intensive presence of insects.

15. Power Bank


The need for charging the various electronic devices is continuous during your journey. Even if you have fully charged your mobile phone or your photographic camera, you might find your self in the unpleasant position to look for an electrical shocket for a new charge, while walking and sightseeing. The PowerBank offers the solution to this problem and eliminates the fear of running out of battery.

16. Sleeping mask

Sleeping mask

As we have talked above about the earplugs, the need for a good sleep is necessary in long lasting, tiring journeys. The sleeping mask comes, as a simple accessory, to offer a solution so that we have a pleasant sleep regardless the annoying presence of the daylight. Especially in journeys with a bus its considered absolutely necessary.


We can see the importance of  some items, regardless their simplicity. They are considered though necessary for our travels, since they are so useful, that their absence would cause more problems. So, what are you waiting for, get ready for your next journey!


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