Religious people in Bangkok are praying in Erawan shrine.

Photo of the week

One of the first things someone will find out about Thai people is that they are truly happy persons. They keep smiling, offering you a great chance to understand their culture and mentality. The second thing one will discover is that they are very religious. Throughout Thailand, thousands of Buddhist’s temples and shrines reveal the country’s prevalent religion. In Bangkok is kind of interesting how religion blends in the modern, hi- tech city. In Pathum Wan district, among huge, busy shopping malls and the futuristic skytrain, the Erawan shrine is always full of religious people. They pray to Phra Phrom, the Thai representation of Lord Brahma.

Erawan Shrine, Bangkok

Canon EOS 40D  f/4  1/6  10 χιλιοστά  ISO800

How serene and peaceful they look as other people are passing by, following the fast ways of life. The illuminated statue is surrounded by offerings that the worshipers offer to the deity. Unfortunately, on 17 August 2015, a bomb exploded near the shrine, leading 20 people to death and injuring 120. The serenity of this holy place was disturbed…


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