In Lefkada, where the earthquake occurred, it is still summer.


18 November 2015, just one day after the new earthquake in Lefkada and i am in the beautiful island of the Ionian sea. Some kind of business took me there and although i had a few concerns about the post seismic activity, i was in a great mood. Probably because visiting the island, kind of reminded me the summer time, you know relaxation, swimming, something like that. As a matter of fact, when i arrived, it looked like summer didn’t finish yet.

Marina Lefkada

I took care of my business as soon as i parked my car and then i had the rest of the day, a couple of hours to be precise, to enjoy the amazing weather. The earthquake hitted the island and was measured 6.1 on the Richter scale. Many villages like the one in Athani suffered the most along with parts of the road network that was partially damaged. The aftermath of the earthquake in the city of Lefkada wasn’t visible to me, most of the houses in the center, where i mainly stayed, didn’t suffer severe structural damages.

Lefkada Square

Lefkada square

However most of the stores and supermarkets felt the earthquake’s power. While shopping, people were still cleaning their floors, as many goods were dropped by the force of the earthquake. Still they were acting normally, like nothing had happened, as they are used to this kind of natural phenomena. The last major earthquake took place in 2003 and led to an extensive reconstruction of the city. The distant memory is still vivid and most of the citizens i talked with, remembered the destructive passage of the Enceladus. I was expecting to see a lot of citizens outside of their houses, especially since a second earthquake took place while i was traveling, however most of them decided to stay indoors.

Lefkada street

On the other hand many young people found a nice excuse to fill the cafeterias of Lefkada and enjoy the warm, sunny day of November. The sunny day and the high, for the season, temperatures reminded me of the summer time i spent in the Island. The beach of Agios Ioannis was totally different than the one i had visited in summer when it was filled with tourists and kite surfers. 

Beach Lefkada windmill

The iconic windmills were standing alone, waiting for the next summer season to come. Meanwhile the seismic activity caused great damages to the scenic beach of Egkremnoi, as tones of rocks and dirt were dropped from the ground above, covering the shore. As you can see in the “before and after” photos bellow, the scenery is completely changed and for those who have visited the beach, its image is totally alien.

Egkremnoi beach, Leukada

Eggremnoi beach, earthquake

Egkremnoi, earthquake

Who knows if next summer the beach will be open to public? Nature will provide the solution, as the endless movement of the waves will reshape the coastline, removing the huge piles of dirt. The beauty will be restored. Nature has its own ways….



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