The illuminated twin Petronas towers in Kuala lumpur.

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Since the very first time i traveled to Thailand, i loved the Southeast Asia region and as i was returning back to Greece, i already had in my mind the idea of a new journey. Indeed, before the end of 2010, i was again on the airplane heading to Kuala lumpur, Malaysia. Many times before, i had seen the landmark of the city, the Petronas twin towers. I will tell you only this, in nightfall the view of the skyscrapers is breathtaking.

Petronas Twin Towers

Canon EOS 40D  f/4  1/10  10 mm  ISO800

They raise in the nightly sky of Kuala lumpur and they can be seen from far away. They are like two parallel needles, with their distinctive architectural design, as it differentiates and emerges due to the thousands of lights that illuminate this unique construction. There is a lot of traffic on the roads, which pleases me as the suitable, for nightly photography, settings in my camera will create the necessary movement effect. One click later and the image is captured…




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