The pyramids in Cairo bring to life the magnitude of Egypt.


Photo of the weekThere is no chance that  if i talk about Egypt then there is only one thing that will come to your mind, the pyramids. I don’t know what image has any of you created in your minds about those ancient monuments, the mausoleums of the Pharaohs, but definitely when i saw them i was impressed by their size. However i think the route that the tourist follows, by the side of the pyramids offends them. I feel that their size is not visible. Therefore the best thing you can do is this. Follow the route, with the pyramids on your left hand and at the end of the road you will find an area that offers panoramic view. Tell me don’t you think they look amazing??


Canon EOS 40D  f/8  1/250  24 mm  ISO100

Side by side, they stand there for thousands of years watching time passing by, history being written! There in the desert in the outskirts of Cairo! My mind unintentionally goes back to time and images of a huge working site are formed! The pyramids are being build by the struggle of the slaves and slowly slowly these monuments, the Pharaoh’s tombs rises το the sky of Egypt.



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