Christmas are coming, wishes from travels4ever.


Yes Christmas are coming! The most beloved period of both the younger and the older is coming and along it an other year comes to an end. 2015 is about to leave us and 2016 is highly anticipated. The decoration of the fin tree is a significant part of the Christmas experience and is done in almost every house. The Christmas trees are sold in every shop with festive items, along with the necessary ornaments, the lights and everything can someone think for Christmas! The tree we took was very beautiful, medium sized with a deep green color! We also took out ornaments and we headed home for the decoration!! We placed its pieces, the balls and we started decorating.

Christmas tree, ornaments


The assembly of the Christmas tree is not a big deal. Usually it consists of three big pieces, which stand one over the other! The branches, in our case, were embedded in the central parts, making the assembly of the tree ever easier! Indeed after a couple of minutes it was ready!!! Then it was time for the beautiful ornaments!

Christmas tree

I always liked to place the ornaments on the tree, especially since i was a child! I was interested in the ornaments, the colorful balls and i was happy to watch the tree as it was changing its shape! I believe that all of us, more or less, have these nice memories from Christmas and we keep them alive as many years passed!

Christmas tree, ornaments

We place the ornaments, one by one in different spots and we check from a distance whether we placed them rightly!! You see, every ornament has its own spot on the tree! That spot where it fits better, the spot that features it the best! The bigger balls are place at the base of the tree and us we move higher, smaller balls are used. If you want to use only balls for the decoration, the use of one color creates a great result!

Christmas tree, ornaments

We had red balls in different styles, we used though many other ornaments!! Little angels, paper boxes of presents, pieces of candies, all together, combined ideally found their spot on our Christmas tree! We also used small lights, a lot of lights that helped creating the desired festive feeling. Especially in low light conditions, the outcome was magical!

Christmas tree, ornaments

Christmas tree, ornaments

It didn’t take us more than an hour to finish the decoration! An hour that we felt like it lasted a lot more!! That’s the feeling when someone does something beautiful and creative! Because the decoration of the Christmas tree is a nice custom! Because since we were small children we were fascinated by the decoration, because its something we are anger to show it to our children!! For all the Christmas period, our tree will accompany us and illuminate our nights. It will be a part of our festive everyday routine, it will be our company!

Christmas tree, ornaments

Our Christmas tree is beautiful, isn’t it?? Did you decorate your tree???

Merry Christmas and lots of wishes from travels4ever



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