These are the best ski resorts in Greece.


Winter is coming and Christmas are only days ahead of us! The weather changes, although its not as cold as it was other years! The winter clothes replaces the thin ones of Autumn and in many regions in Greece, especially the mountainous ones, the fist snow has fallen! I know that the most of you already think of the fireplace, warmth, nice company and a lot of snow! Snow and ski, weather you are a lover of this winter sport, or you simply like playing with the snow! The ski resorts are ready to open, if not already opened, and the ski enthusiasts are preparing their gear! So lets see which are the best ski resorts in Greece, that awaits you to visit them:

1. Parnassus

Its the biggest ski resort in Greece and since 1976 that it opened to public, lots of tourists that enjoy its facilities! Located at 1600m to 2250m, the resosrt is near Athens and the access is easy since the road is being cleaned all the time. It has 21 ski slopes with gradient difficulty and the overall length, along with the routes and the connecting paths, reaches 34 Km. The movement of the skiers with safety is based on the 13 lifts of the resort! There are also 12 routes, that are off the slopes, that are meant only for the experienced ones! The facilities offers cafes, chalets, restaurant along with ski learning schools! During your stay, you must visit the cosmopolitan Arachova and the archaeological site of Delphi

Information: +30 2234022700,

Parnassus ski resosrt

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2. Kalavryta

The ski resort, near the historic village of Kalavryta, is among the biggest in Greece and a favorite destination for thousands of ski fans from southern Greece and elsewhere. It has all the modern skiing facilities and offers the chance to rent equipment and learn the sport! The tourists can relax and enjoy the marvelous nature at 1700m altitude in the 2 chalets! The 7 lifts will carry the skiers to the top at 2340m! From up there the first piste starts along with the descent! Both the experienced and the inexperienced skier will feel satisfied, since the 12 slopes of the ski resort are for all levels of difficulty. The access to the resort is easy from a road, that gets cleaned continuously and passes through a fin forest.

Information: +30 2692024451,

Kalavryta ski resort

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3. Vassilitsa

Built on the mountain range of Pindos, in a region of tremendous natural beauty, the ski resort of Vassilitsa is indeed a favorite winter destination! One of the newest ski resorts in Greece, its located near the city of Grevena and through the Egnatia highway the arrival time had decreased significantly! The snow falls early in the winter in the area and lasts until late in spring and as a result the skiing season is bigger. It has 2 air lifts and 3 sliding ones, that serve the 12 pistes of the resort! If the 7500m don’t seem enough, it worths mentioning that the resort has the biggest piste for inexperienced skiers in Greece, with a lenght of 3860m. The facilities include a hostel, chalet and shop that feature skiing products!

Information:  +30 2462084850,

Vassilitsa ski resort

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4. 3-5 Pigadia

Not far away of the city of Naousa (17km), having an altitude of 1430, lies one of the most famous and favorite ski resorts in northern Greece. It features modern athletic facilities and hotel units and was used by many teams as a training camp for their preparation period. It has 10 ski slopes, of an overall length of 9km, that start from 2000m height and 7 lifts that handle the tourists. Whoever doesn’t like skiing can practice other activities such as trekking or climbing thus admiring the lovely natural habitat. 3-5 Pigadia is the only ski resort that has machines for producing artificial snow for the periods of low snowfall.

Information: +30 2332044981,

3-5 Pigadia

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5. Kaimaktsalan

An other one of the most known ski resort in northern Greece is Kaimaktsalan, near the city of Edessa. Its altitude is 2554m that makes it one of the highest built resorts in Greece. Its also near the traditional settlement of Palios Agios Athanasios that is famous for its exceptional beauty and nature. 4 lifts will transfer safely and quickly the skiers and serve the 13 slopes of the Kaimaktsalan ski resort. The quality of the snow is excellent.

Information: 2381032000,

Kaimaktsalan ski resort

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6. Karpenisi

On the Velouchi mountain, the homonym ski resorts operates, on an altitude between 1750 to 2100m! Only 10 km away of the City of Karpenisi, one of the oldest ski resorts in Greece, is ready to offer you unique moments of athletism and ralaxation. The scenery is magical and it resembles the European Alps. Whether you are unpracticed or a fun of skiing, one thing is for sure: you will be pleased with your stay, since you will find one of the 18 pistes that will be the ideal for you! There are also, for the bold ones, slopes that are waiting to be used, along woth a snowboard piste! The offered services are full and concern both the rental and purchase of the ski gear and the accommodation in a mountainous shelter.

Information: 2237023506,

Velouxi ski resort

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7. Pisoderi

The ski resort of Viglas Pisoderi is one more of the oldest resorts in Greece, since from 1967 the ski enthusiasts were choosing it. The resort is in some distance from the city of Florina, in a region that can be described as one of the most beautiful in Greece! You will love the amazing forest of beech trees that surrounds the resort and you will be amazed by the view of the Prespes  lakes. During your stay try to visit the scenic lakes. As for the facilities, you will be absolutely satisfied, as you are going to have in your disposal everything anyone needs in a modern ski resort. With 13 km of routes divided in 10 pistes, 5 lifts for you transportation and a lovely chalet, your excursion in Vigla Pisoderi will remain in your memories.

Information: 2385045800,

Pisoderi ski resort

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8. Seli

Seli is the oldest ski resort in Greece, since it started operating in 1934 and is located on mount Vermio on 1540m altitude. The small distance between the resort and the cities of Veroia, Naoussa, Kozani and Thessaloniki, has made it as one of the most favorite ski destinations. The so called national ski resort of Seli has 19 slopes with with different levels of difficulty, that offer variety to the skiers whether they ski for sport or fun! There are blue, red and green piste with the equivalent level of difficulty. The same time 11 lifts take care of the quick and safe service of the skiers. The ski facilities are of high level and offer all the necessary amenities, along with a fully equipped medical care office.

Information: 2331049226,

Seli ski resort

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9. Pelion

One of the very first things that someone will tell about Pelion is that it combines both mountain and sea. As a matter of fact, while during summertime the beaches are full, in winter the ski resort attracts the skiers. You will be impressed by the incredible view to the sea, while you descent the snowy slopes of the mountain! Its probably the only ski resort in such a small distance from the sea!! From the 5 piste and the 15 km, 4 are the main tracks and the other one is the endurance piste, surrounded by beech trees and poplar trees. Furthermore it was one of the first resorts to organize ski descents during nightfall, which is something that still is very successful. Don’t forget to visit the nearby villages of Chania, Zagora and Portaria with teh traditional architecture and the view to the city of Volos.

Information: 2428074048,

Pelion ski resort

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10. Elatochori

Only 8Km from the homonym village and 36 from the National highway lies the relatively new ski resort of Elatochori! The thick vegetation that surrounds it and the impressive view of mount Olympus satisfy the tourist. In the safe pistes both the experienced and the unpracticed skier will enjoy the sport and test his/her abilities. 10 are the pistes in Elatochori with a difference in the altitude that is about 500m, when their total length ( with the connecting paths ) is 12km. The new chalet serves the skiers that have in the disposal amenities like catering facilities and shop with ski gear.

Information: 2351082994,

Elatochori, Pieria

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So don’t wait any longer! Pack your stuff, check your gear and head to the ski resorts! Don’t forget to visit some of the lovely villages that are near the ski resorts! Have a nice Winter, Merry Christmas!


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