The acrobats of the Nile.

Photo of the week

The riverboat moves slowly on the river Nile. Its already morning and we are far away from Aswan. Most of the tourists are sitting on the upper deck enjoying the view of the desert and relaxing. We are still a long way of the cruise’s final destination, the city of Luxor. Suddenly, happy voices and cheers sounded. Everyone headed to the right side of the riverboat, curious to find out what was going on. The spectacle was very pleasant.

Children on a boat in Nile

Canon EOS 40D  f/8  1/250  200 χιλιοστά  ISO100

A small boat, like those that sail along the Nile, was in a short distance from our riverboat. Two kids that had gone fishing, when the reached us, started to perform acrobatics on their boat. The elder one was performing better, doing a headstand like a professional gymnast. The younger one was trying to imitate the same position. However they both earned our applause! Their boat started to move away and all of us kept the beautiful memory and a smile.



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