The best amusement theme parks in Europe, for small and “big” children.


We all become kids during the holidays! Kids that we are happy for Christmas and cant’t wait for Santa’s gifts. Throughout Europe, amusement parks are full of small and “big” kids that enjoy their vacations away of the stress that school and their jobs create! During Christmas and not only during that period, if you find yourselves in any of the following countries, visit and have fub at these theme parks! It worths feeling as a kid even for a while!!

1. Disneyland in France

he very famous Disneyland has brought sin Europe, since 1992, some of the magic of Disney’s cartoons. The biggest theme park in Europe floods from millions of tourists that combine a journey to Paris with a visit to the beautiful park of Mickey Mouse and his friends. All the characters from the cartoons and the movies of Disney come to life in front of you, offering joy to the small kids. 5 themed “lands” will travel you from the castle of the sleeping beauty and the far west to the United States of 1900, exotic sceneries around the world and the Discovery land of Da Vinci and Jules Verne. Hotels, restaurants, and playgrounds complete a fantastic journey to a world that, since we were kids, we grow up with!

Disneyland, Paris

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2. Europa park in Germany

The Europa park is the biggest theme park in Germany and it ranks second in traffic, only after the Euro Disneyland. Known for its high speed roller coasters, will offer you unique moments of entertainment. Its divided into two sections, the first being the fantasy land that contains areas such as the enchanted forest, the kingdom of the invisibles ( from the homonym movie ) and the land of the Vikings. Heroes from beloved fairy tales and fantasy creatures will travel you in fictional worlds and will excite your kids! The second theme section consists of areas that are divided based on the European countries! Thus there is Germany, Russia, Greece and the rest of the countries, each one containing its theme attractions, rides and roller coasters!


3. Efteling in Holland

If you ever travel to Holland, go and visit the Efteling amusement park. Being one of the biggest in Europe, will guide you and your kids to a magical world of fairy tales, ancient myths and legends, in a world where fantasy prevails. The forest of the fairy tales is one of the oldest attractions of the park and there mythical creatures and figures, from the fairy tales of brothers Grim and Hans Christian Andersen, come to life with the help of modern technology. Train rides, carousels and other attractions will keep alive your kid’s interest, in a leafy area, among lakes and gardens! There is also a hotel available, a golf course and a theater that houses theme productions and live musical concerts.

Efteling park

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4. Legoland in Denmark

Everyone is familiar with the unique Lego games, that raised generations and generations of people. The famous bricks, with which anyone can patiently construct anything, have since 1968 their own theme park. In Billund, a city in Denmark, right beside the factory that constructs them, lies the Legoland, that awaits the younger and the older ones to discover the magical world of the Lego. Divided into various lands, the park occupy a huge area with rides and attractions, all based on the Lego bricks. Visit the Mini Land, the heart of the park and admire the world’s landmarks that are made out of Lego bricks, the same time that thematic, high speed trains, will drive you to your limits.

Legoland Billunt

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5. Tivoli Gardens in Denmark

The Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, form one of the oldest amusement parks in Europe, as they work since 1843. Since then more than 280 millions have visited the park. During the Christmas period a big fair is organised forming an attraction for the tourists! It worth a visit for its magnificent gardens and its various attractions that your children will love! From roller coasters and swings to carousels and ferry’s wheels. One of the main attractions is the wooden train of Rutschebanen, which is the oldest train of the kind still working! Wonder around the park’s premises and enjoy the various events such as theater plays, concerts and pantomime performances.


6. Allou! Fun park in Greece

The biggest theme park in Greece is in Athens and since it opened gained the love of the children, that found an amazing world awaiting them. The facilities are divided into those that are meant for the little kids and those that are chosen by older children and people who still feel children! The rides and the attractions are varied depending the age and include trains, carousels, a horror house, a maze with mirrors and the biggest ferry’s wheel in the Balkan region. Independently of your age you will find an attraction that will amuse you or will rise your adrenaline vertically.


So what are you waiting for??? The amusement theme park are open, waiting for you! The holidays as a matter of fact are the best period to dream, to play, to become kids again!!


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