6 things you have to notice before booking a room in a hostel.

HostelsIn every journey, one of the biggest travel expenses, that bother the traveler, is the one of the accommodation. There are many people that can’t choose an expensive hotel because of the big cost of staying. The hostels provide a solution to this problem by offering a smaller price per night, according to the offered services! In many occasions the accommodation is more than decent, since the hostel’s facilities are modern and clean. So before leaving on a journey, read what you should notice before booking a room in a hostel.

1. Location

Whoever choose to stay in  hostel, probably travels solo or with friends! That means he is aware of the dangers and the difficulties of a journey, away of the safety that a tourist office provides. However this doesn’t mean that he has to find a hostel in a dodgy location just to live adventurously!! The right location is very important, so you better check for central locations, away of dangerous neighborhoods, that also provide public transportation for you to move around.

2. Cleanliness

Obviously a hostel doesn’t have the luxury of a big hotel, as its prices are not that high. However this doesn’t mean you have to sleep in a room that doesn’t meet the essential hygiene standards. Always check, before booking, whether the room is dirty, the sheets are clean and the bathroom cleaned up. Alternatively bring your own sheets or a sleeping bag. Especially in countries with a lot of diseases you have to be ever more cautious when choosing a hostel.


3. Hidden fees

Before booking a room in a hostel, always check for hidden fees, that eventually will rise the amount of money you will pay. Some hostels will charge you more money if you pay with a card, while others charge you for the sheets or the cookware you will use. Moreover for the key you take you will pay an amount of money, as a guaranty, that you will take back upon its return. In case you loose it or break it, there goes the money. Lastly take into account the fee for the laundry services, which are extra in most of the hostels.

4. Offered services

The offered services of the hostel you choose have an impact both in your wallet and mostly in your accommodation. Some hostels are cheaper than others, however they don’t provide useful services like 24 hours reception, laundry, kitchen or even rooms of your choice. More specifically, while searching you can find hostels with dormitories for many people and shared bathrooms, but you can also find other places with one or two beds and a shared or ever their own toilet! In such occasions the extra money you get to pay, might worth for the offered service they charge you.


5. Lockers

Don’t ever stay in a hostel that doesn’t offer some kind of secure storage facility, like a locker! During the daylight, when you wonder around sightseeing, your personal belongings may be in danger. Surely its great to meet people from other countries, when you leave in a dormitory for many, but nobody can assure you that the person next to you won’t steal your mobile or anything from you stuff! Therefore always book a room in hostels that offer lockers so that you keep you belongings safe.


6. Check out time

Before booking in a hostel make sure you ask and get to know the time that you have to check out, on the day of your departure! It’s very important because some hostels set the checking out very early, earlier than 12:00 or 11:00 o’ clock that stands for hotels and other hostels. If you fail to deliver the room or your bed before that hour you will have to pay an additional amount of money or even the whole next day, as if you were staying! There are hostels, that if you stay there, you will have to check out even before 09:00 in the morning.



By having all the above information you will be able to choose the ideal hostel for you and your friends. Avoid all the inconveniences and travel affordably.



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Photos source: centralbackpackershostel.com, hostelz.com, commercialfile.com, adweek.com



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