Anafiotika, a taste of an island in the heart of Athens.

Photo of the weekFrom the years i was living in Athens, i will never forget the walks while exploring the city! I was taking the bus or the metro and i was just wondering around.

There is no better way to get to know the beautiful side of the city. Although the urban scene of the capital is not attractive, still Athens has a lot of hidden places that worth your visit, as long as you discover them! Then you will realize that apart from the blocks of apartments and the concrete there is something more. Just like the Anafiotika neighborhood.

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In the shadow of the sacred hill of the Acropolis, right next to the district of Plaka, lies a small paradise. In the middle of the 19th century, workers from the island of Anafi, moved in the area, creating a dreamy neighborhood.


Canon EOS 40D f/8  1/60  24 mm  ISO100

Really, the first time i visited it, i couldn’t believe that in the heart of Athens, not far away from the noises and the traffic jams, the overcrowded Monastiraki and the residential blocks, there was such a scenic and peaceful neighborhood. It felt as if i was in an Island, a beautiful Cycladic island with its white houses and the blue windows. With the narrow alleys and the courtyards full of colorful flowers. The first residents wanted to bring with them something from their homeland, thus they constructed their house based on the Cycladic architecture. As a reminder of their origins, as a memory since they were far away. When you visit Athens search for the Anafiotika neighborhood. Explore the district and believe me when you find it you will sense a unique feeling. As if you were in an Island….


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