A quick glance to the incredible India.

Incredible IndiaIndia, a magical destination, a mysterious destination. For the dedicated travelers, a journey to India is their number one dream!!So come for a quick glance to the incredible India through the eyes of an Indian…
Incredible India

India, a country of joy, a country full of people of different religions living together with happiness, a country full of cultural heritage, a country full of festivals, a country full of iconic historical monuments is indeed a backpacker’s dream destination!

Incredible India

Indian sub-continent attracts tourists from different parts of the world with its outstanding temples, mystical monasteries, beautiful cities, pristine national parks, lavish places, lost kingdoms, mesmerizing markets, golden beaches and some of most iconic monuments in the world including- THE TAJ MAHAL  

Incredible India

India is the birthplace of many world’s major religions like HINDUISM, SIKHISM, BUDDHISM, JAINISM and others. India is the only country in the world where people belonging to different religions live together in peace and prosperity. If anybody wants to learn and gain knowledge about these religions, then he must visit to India. I personally met many tourists who specially came to India to discover and learn about these religions.

Incredible India

Incredible India

India is country of culture. Ιτ is famous around the globe for its cultural heritage. Indian sub-continent contains 29 states and probably each state has its own culture and tradition. One must come to India in order to discover and learn about these tradition and cultures by living them.

Incredible India

India is the land of the festivals. Each month of the Indian calendar contains one or more festivals. Now, here in India, people are celebrating HOLI, which is also called the festival of colors. In this festival, people play with colored powders, like abeer and gulal and pour these colored powders to each other all over the country. Many tourists travel from different parts of the world to India to enjoy the unique Indian festivals.

Incredible India

Incredible India

Another interesting thing about India is its cuisine. Indian cuisine encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisines. Indian food is different from the rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking methods. From fragrant curries to tandoori –grilled meats our extensive library of Indian recipes and food ideas offers the best foods.Incredible India

A large scale of tourist came to India not for the tourist attractions but to experience a calm and peaceful environment and get in touch with their spiritual self. Spiritual arts of India like yoga and Meditation attracts a huge number of tourists annually.

Incredible India

Here, in India, there is a Sanskrit saying ATITHI DEVO BHAVA which means that guests are Gods or should be treated like Gods. The local people in India, particularly in the rural areas are some of the kindest and most hospitable people. Whether you are invited into a local’s home for a traditional meal or just simply wander the streets and encounter children playing. You will be surely be touched by the warmth of the locals.

So are you ready to explore India???

This article was written by Adnan Amin Khan, student in Patna University, India. He has a passion for travelling a lot. He loves learning new things and new languages. He loves enjoying life, discovering new things and one of his dreams is to tour the world. I thank him so much!

Adnan Amin khan


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