Cranes and skyscrapers in the incredible Dubai.

Photo of the week

What a hot day it was!! Although it was mid-February the temperature was high enough to make me change my mind and seek shelter in the pleasantly cold interior of the ”Dubai mall”, instead of visiting the palm tree island. As i was passing by the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid boulevard, i took a quick glance of the Burj Khalifa! The tallest building in the world was visible among other skyscrapers and huge cranes!


Dubai, Cranes

Canon EOS 40D f/8  1/320  24 mm ISO100

All together, seemed as they were side by side to each other, due to the perspective from my point of view!! Skyscrapers and cranes ready to create more skyscrapers in the incredible Arabian city. Dubai is a huge construction site, where about the 25 percent of the world’s number of cranes is located there! The photo is just a tiny portion of what the scenery in Dubai looks like! A city where everything comes in a huge scale.


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