10 amazing beaches around the world that are simply breathtaking

Bamboo beach, Thailand

Slowly slowly summer is coming! The Winter is gone and as the temperature rises, the first thoughts that come to our minds involve the word summer! Summer was missed a lot

and the anticipation for its arrival is huge! Of course going for swimming cant be absent from our thoughts and the dreams concerning the summertime include lovely beaches, sun and blue waters! The site tripadvisor has chosen in an article 10 beaches around the world that will awe you, that will take your breath away. So are you ready for a journey?? Lets go.

1. Anse Lazio, Praslin Island, Seychelles

Its one of the best known beaches in the world and its always present in the lists with the best and most beautiful beaches. The combination of green vegetation, natural beauty and the rocky formations creates an exotic scenery. The waters will cause you to take a dive and fell like you are in heaven.

Anse Lazio, Praslin Island

Photo source: tropic-island.net

2. LaniKai Beach, Hawaii

LaniKai. LaniKai means heavenly sea in the local language and the beach truly responds to this characterization. The two small islands off the shore are the beach’s main attraction and a theme for photographers. Whoever loves sandy beaches will love the all-white, thin sand of the shore.

LaniKai Beach

Photo source: m-static.flikie.com

3. Navagio beach, Zakynthos, Greece

What can someone say for the incredible beach in Zakynthos, Greece! Globally known for the breathtaking scenery, is indeed one of the most beautiful beaches that someone can visit. The view from the observation post is incredible, while the blue waters are among the cleansets in the world. The wrecked ship, from which the beach took its name ( navagio means shipwreck in Greek ), is still buried in the sand offering shadow to the swimmers.

Nauagio beach,Zakunthos

Photo source: newgreece.ru

4. Eagle Beach, Aruba, Caribbeans

It wouldn’t be possible for the Caribbean region, with its islands and their shores, not to have a representative in the list. The eagle beach in the exotic Aruba is one of those beaches that you will adore. The pristine, white sand offers protection to the turtles that lay egg from time to time. Famous are also the Fofoti trees, whose distinctive silhouette is captured in photos that have in the foreground the beautiful beach and the warm sea of Aruba.

Eagle Beach, Aruba

Photo source: mytravelresources.ca

5. Grace Bay Beach, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

The Caribbean is also represented in the list with the Grace Bay beach! The beach is the main attraction for the tourists that visit the small island group that is formed from the island of Turks and Caicos. The blue of the sea is a perfect match with the white of the sandy shore, producing an exotic landscape. Although there are many hotels and resorts, you will easily find a spot to lie down, due to the big length of the beach.

Grace Bay Beach

Photo source: viraldroid.com

6. Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas, Caribbean

The exotic Bahamas is the place where you will find the next beach on the list, which is no other than the Pinks Sands. It was named after its sand, whose pink color is created by the presence of microscopic organisms. During their decaying the pink and red shells are mixed with the sand, producing this lovely color. The excellent natural beauty and the warm water attracts tourist throughout the year.

Pink Sands Beach

Photo source: tours.am


7. Whitehaven Βeach, Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Its is one of the cleanest and most awarded beaches in Australia and one visit there will be all you need to relax. The 7 kilometers of the coastline are covered by clean, high quality, thin sand, which in many spots is mixed beautifully with the blue sea. Swimming and scuba diving are a true pleasure.

Whitehaven Βeach, Whitsunday Islands

Photo source: pinterest.com

8. Radha nagar Beach, Havelock Island, India

At the Havelock island, right in the gulf of Bengal, lies the Radha nagar beach, a beach that one might think that comes out from a post card. Its vegetation is lush and the blue waters are very beautiful. Its one of Asia’s best beaches and attracts a lot of couples that choose the island for their honeymoon. However its not overcrowded, although its reputation and the number people that visit it, is relatively small.

Radhanagar Beach

Photo source: wherecoolthingshappen.com

9. Siesta Key, Florida, USA

The Siesta Key beach is for many people the best and most scenic one in the United States and that is proven by the many awards in national and world competitions. The sand consists from 99% pure quartz, which makes it unique in the world and cool for the swimmers. Its also ideal for small children due to the shallow waters.

Siesta Key

Photo source: proorismoi.gr

10. Bamboo Island, Antaman sea, Thailand

One of the exotic beaches that i had the chance and the pleasure to visit, is the one in Bamboo island! Everyday small boats depart from both Krabi and Phuket cruising the small scenic islands in the Antaman sea. The blue shades of the sea are unique. Walking barefoot on the thin white sand is an amazing pleasure.

Bamboo beach, Thailand

So don’t wait any further!! Summer is on the way and the vacation are highly anticipated!! Book you air ticket and a hotel and head to the beach!!


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