Shocking illustrations that show how things would be if humans were in animal’s place.

Humans in animal's place

The humans, the animals, a relationship that clearly place our species in the peak of the evolution triangle. We are the supreme beings that have dominated earth and the animals are…… well they are just animals. The humans have the knowledge to create civilization and evolve against the evolution theory but the same with their behavior demonstrate how uncivilized they are.There are many examples and always the animals are the subject of people’s entertainment, insatiable hunger, experiments and brutality! While browsing the internet i came across some illustrations and since i am a comic enthusiast, i started checking them one by one. They were displaying how the world would be if the humans were in the animal’s place and the animals in our! Like in a parallel universe, parallel world, where the man doesn’t  have the leading position that enjoys now. Well things are different. Some of the illustrations were funny but some others were terrifying. I have to admit i was shocked! Not by the gruesome images that were captured in the illustrations but by the fact that once more the humans are the worst animals!

See and fell troubled:

Ζώα στη θέση των ανθρώπων

Vin Paneccasio

Vin Paneccasio



Dan Piraro

Eric Decetis

Larry Torro

Vin Paneccasio

Christopher Golebiowski

Larry Torro

animals vs humans

Larry Torro

The animals kill to be fed and the harsh reality of their everyday routine is controlled by the laws of the evolution theory and the natural selection’s mechanism. The human on the other hand will kill for pleasure, will kill for his entertainment, will kill because he can and he will do it emphatically and of course with the security that firearms provide. Later he will place it on the wall as a trophy. The humans will torture it for the experiments taking place for the shake of humanity, will imprison it, in miserable conditions, for their entertainment, will breed it for its meat. However when they switch places, things become disturbing! That’s how all the above artists have chosen this funny and disturbing way to demonstrate the brutality of the human, dominant species on the animals. No this article was not about travels, it was however a reminder of the wrong way that humanity follows, a reminder of how harsh and brutal this animal, that is called HUMAN, can be. Besides, humans do all these and worst to their own kind, do you think they will feel sorry for the animals???


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