The most sweet, little face i met in my journey to Egypt.

Photo of the weekI was feeling so tired! It was around afternoon and since that morning, i had left Cairo, i had crossed via airplane almost the entire country of Egypt, i visited Abu Simbel, where i saw the temples of Ramesses II and Nefertari and flew back to Aswan where, in the middle of the midday hot sun, i went to a safari, riding camels. Despite being tired, i couldn’t miss going for a walk to explore the beautiful city of Aswan. The time i had in my disposal was limited, as later in the night, the riverboat was about to departure for our cruise in the peaceful waters of the river Nile. And there, as i was walking in the dusty roads of Aswan, i met the sweetest little face i have seen during my journey.

Little child in Aswan

Canon EOS 40D f/4,5  1/80  24 mm ISO100

A small descendant of the Pharaohs stood right in front of me, staring at me with the sweetest pair of eyes, anyone has seen. Being 1,93m tall ( 6,3 ft), you easily understand the funny image of a small child closing the road to a person, who seemed like a giant in his own eyes. The little one was selling pieces of papyrus that had the hieroglyphic alphabet written on them. He didn’t know any English, all he was saying repeatedly was “please sir, buy one”. I don’t know, maybe it was his innocent look that got me. Our encounter was really short as he left happy, having a respectable amount of money for his country’s standards and me having one more souvenir from Egypt.

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