These are the 20+1 best amusement parks all over the world that your kids will simply love.

Water slides

The amusement parks have gained the interest among the kids, our little friends, by offering endless hours of joy and fun. They are tourist destinations that attract the travelers and definitely a visit to an amusement park is the very best moment of the journey. All over the world, theme parks welcome both kids and grownups, that are ready to meet the magic worlds and have fun with the various attractions. Magic Kingdoms, Ferris wheels, roller coasters, water slides and water worlds are some of the attractions that will astonish you! Below you can check the 20+1 best amusement parks in the world according to travels4ever. From the United States and Europe to Asia and Mexico the theme parks await you.

1. Magic Kingdom in the United States

magic kingdom

Photo source:

2. Disneyland in the United States

Disneyland, usa

Photo source:


3. Disneyland in France

Disneyland, Paris

Photo source:


4. Disneyland in Japan

Tokyo Disneyland

Photo source:


5. Disneyland in China

Hong Kong Disneyland

Photo source:


6. Universal Studios in Japan

Universal studios Japan

Photo source:


7. Europa park in Germany

Europa Park

Photo source:


8. SeaWorld in the United States


Photo source:


9. Epcot Park in the United States

Epcot park

Photo source:


10. Chimelong Paradise in China

Chimelong China

Photo source:


11. Tivoli Gardens in Denmark

Tivoli Gardens

Photo source:


12. Lotte World in South Korea

Lotte world

Photo source:


13. Efteling in Holland

Efteling park

Photo source:


14. PortAventura in Spain

Portaventura park

Photo source:

Read about the best theme parks in Europe in the following article from travels4ever

15. Legoland in Denmark

Legoland Billunt

Photo source:


16. Legoland in England

Legoland winsdor

Photo source:


17. Six Flags México in Mexico

Six Flags Mexico

Photo source:


18. Ocean Park Hong Kong in China

Ocean park hong kong

Photo source:


19. Gardaland in Italy

Gardaland Italy

Photo source:


20. Liseberg in Sweden

Liseberg park

Photo source:

21. Allou! fun park in Greece

Allou! fun park Greece

Photo source:

Don’t wait any more. Either with your children or alone, choose the destinations you prefer. Enjoy at the amusement park that you visit and travel back to your childhood!! The amusement parks are open and the fun there never comes to an end!!



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