A magnificent photo of the sunset in the castle of Ioannina.

Photo of the week

It was a spring day, just a couple of weeks before summer. The temperature was high enough for that period, although the weather in Ioannina was still cooler than anywhere else in Greece. A friend proposed that we should go for a beer, a proposal that we all accepted enthusiastically. As a matter of fact the cozy evening was ideal for a night out. We chose to go to the nice cafe in the inner citadel, in the castle of Ioannina. A lovely place to hang out with friends, drink your beer and relax under the starry sky, right next to the beautiful mosque. While we were walking on our way to the cafe, i turned my head to call a friend, who was walking behind us. Instead of him my glance was caught by the amazing sunset.

Sunset, Ioannina

Samsung GT-N7100 f/2,6  1/87  4 mm  ISO75

The clouds were dark, as when the rain is expected to start, in contrast with the warm evening. In front of me there was a small shrine, dedicated to a saint, where a candle was still burning. The sun, oh that sun!! It had this blinding red and yellow color and instantly i felt my eyes hurting. I took out my cellphone to capture this unique, everyday moment. The photo pleased me a lot, as i am used to theses kind of results only when i shoot with my dSLR camera. I stood there for a moment to see the sunset, thinking of the incredible world and the most amazing nature we live in. The night took over and me with my friends had a great time, drinking beers in that warm spring night…



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