Did you pack your suitcase?? These are the unnecessary stuff you simply don’t need to take with you in you journey.

Gemati valitsa

I don’t know about you, but personally i so bored of a journey’s preparations. Of course i am not talking about the preparations that have to do with gathering information for the destination or searching for tickets. I am referring to the packing of the suitcase, the most boring ( at least for me ) but still necessary procedure before traveling. What should i take first, what should i leave behind, time flies and i usually end up, the night before the departure, being like Mr Bean in the “Mr Bean Rides Again” episode, where he tries to pack in the suitcase so many things that they don’t fit. That’s what most people do. They take everything either they need them for the journey or not and regardless if all these stuff fit in the luggage.

Gemati valitsa

Photo source: nonstop-travel.blogspot.com

But even if you manage to take everything with you, it’s a question if you are going to use half of them, not to mention the suffering from moving around because of the heavy load. Did you thought about the airport charges from the extra kg of you luggage?? After a lot of journeys i end up to the conclusion that the least necessary things i take with me, the best it is. So check bellow the list of the things you don’t need to take with you in order to help your selves have a comfortable and pleasant journey.

1. Sampoo – Body wash

We all have in our toilet at least 2 different brands of shampoo and body wash! Some people have even more. However in our journey we don’t need all of them! The hotel where you will be staying, will probably provide you with them. Even hostels have a shampoo for you hair! If however you don’t want to use the ones they give you, then take a 2 in 1 product and there you go, you solved your problem. Don’t forget to buy the pocket version and not the 1 lt bottle of shampoo with the 250cc gratis product.


Photo source: dailybest.it

2. Toilet towels

Long ago i used to take towels with me but soon i realized i simply didn’t need them. More or less all the hotels, from the most expensive to the least expensive, follow the rules of sanitation and cleanliness. Every room has its own towels for both your body and your face and guess what…. they are clean!!! Truly i haven’t seen any dirty towels in any of my journeys, furthermore day by day i had them changed with new, by the hotel’s stuff.


Photo source: shopmarriott.com

3. Sheets – Pillow cases

I can’t even remember how many time i had the same old small-talk with my mother, right before our vacations in my childhood. “Why do we need all these sheets for the journey” i used to say! Honestly i want to believe you don’t fill your luggage with sheets. Because if you have to take one or two bottom sheets, one top and two pillow cases, then where will the rest of the things fit? As i said before nowadays the hotels, the hostels, the cheap accommodation, are by far descent in whatever has to do with cleanliness. Thus use their linens unless you want the hotel room to look like your room back at your house.


Photo source: issambsat.com

4. All the set of cosmetics

Every woman has at her house her set of cosmetics, her lipsticks, her creams and all the rest that we men either we don’t know or we don’t want to know about. But are they necessary in a journey where you will hassle moving around, where you will sweat, you will fill tired?? Do you really need your make up in the Egyptian dessert and the 45° Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit )?? You practically and essentially don’t! However women have their own feminine side, apart the traveler’s one, so at least take the absolutely necessary! But only those.


Photo source: graftoncosmetics.com

5. The whole wardrobe with your clothes

The clothes you are going to take is a big deal!! All are taking more clothes than the ones they need and at the end they end up wearing the same and the same, leaving the rest of them to the same spot in the suitcase, where the first placed them. You don’t need many clothes! Just take 3-4 outfits depending the number of days you are going to stay, in order no to end up with dirty clothes. Furthermore on jacket is more than enough. If the journey is for pleasure consider taking casual clothes which are more comfortable. A pair of jeans, bermuda shorts and a couple of t-shirts ahhh also some underwear and you are ready to go. Don’t forget you can always buy something from your destination.

Gemati valitsa

Photo source: nhfc.org


Do you know which are the things you must have with you in your journey?? Check them here


6. Jewelry – Valuable items

As beautiful and pleasant the journeys are so unpleasnat they can become if you get robbed. The same thing will happen if for instance you loose your suitcase. In such an occasion you really would like not to have taken any pieces of jewelry or other valuable stuff. Thus  consider what is valuable to you before travelling, because afterward it will be vain to start thinking whether the jewelry were necessary on not during your short journey.


Photo source: acengraving.co.uk

7. Hair dryer

What can i say about the hair dryers? Wherever i booked, a hair dryer was always present in the hotel’s bathroom. Taking an other one with you is simply unnecessary. You will have to curry it in vain, not to mention the extra space you are going to loose, that you could have used for something really useful.

pistolaki mallion

Photo source: whitehotel.com

8. Shoes

I personally take one pair of shoes and a pair of slippers. I don’t need any more stuff to have with me. Depending your destination, choose wisely the appropriate shoes. Make sure they feel comfortable on your feet, since you will normally walk a lot. Don’t take brand new shoes with you because they will probably hurt your feet. Taking more shoes in your journey will just be totally unnecessary.


Photo source: recyclejohnsoncounty.com

9. Electronic devices – Gadgets

In the era of technology and internet, gadgets have become a part of our lives. So when once there was not even a mobile phone, nowadays we curry along in our journeys a big number of electronic devices. Smartphones, tablets, notebooks, chargers, laptops, photo cameras – lenses, video-cameras, mp3 players, the necessary powerbanks, are some of the items that follow as when traveling. Before departure think of what you really need and avoid taking with you all the stuff that either are unnecessary on they will reduce the valuable space of your suitcase. A smartphone is all you need.


Photo source: eanagnosis.gr

Therefore in your next journey choose to live some of your stuff behind! Prepare your luggage, taking only those things that you need!! You will see that your journey will become more pleasant and your suitcase lighter! At the end you will probably ask yourselves how on earth were you traveling all this time with so many unnecessary items…


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