Check out the most overcrowded beaches in the world! You won’t be able to believe how many people go there!

Haeundae beach, busan

When summer comes, we are all waiting passionately how to go to a beach to enjoy swimming and relax, lying down on the hot sand or our sunbed.Through travels4ever  you have read about lovely beaches, hidden paradises, magical shores, where you can have fun and rest, leaving behind you, even for a while, the stress and the everyday routines! These are the times when we simply enjoy our vacations. However, this can’t be found everywhere! There are beaches around the world where people are crowding in by the thousands, in order to feel some of the seas’s coolness! Unbelievable crowds, one sitting on the other, create an ungly image! Honestly, if you wish to relax and enjoy your vacations, don’t go to any of he following beaches! So these are the most crowded beaches in the world, which you should avoid visiting for swimming!!

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1. Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Ipanema beach

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Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and fun never stop in the land of the Samba! The Copacabana beach is very famous and millions of people are visiting it! Some people go for sunbathing, others to play football or volleyball and many more for dancing and fun. The crowd is so big that you can’t even see the sand! It is an endless party!!!

2. Dameisha beach, Shenzhen, China

Dameisha Beach Shenzhen

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The sea is a pleasure for the Chinese and if you find it hard to believe, then just go on a Weekend to the Dameisha beach in Shenzhen. The citizens of the Chinese mega-city, north of Hong Kong, are crowding in, while trying to find a sandy spot, somewhere to place their stuff! Lying down is not even an option. However during the week things are totally different and the absence of people is noticeable!

3. Brighton beach, Brighton, England

Brighton beach

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I am pretty sure that whenever you hear about a beach in England, you secretly smile, thinking the lovely beaches of the Mediterranean sea and the Tropical zone. Yes they have beaches in England as well and the one in Brighton is considered the most crowded in the United Kingdom. The seaside resort, in the south of the country, is the main choice for the thousands of Londoners, when finally summer arrives in rainy England.


4. Benidrom beach, Alicante, Spain

Benidorm beach

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Tourism performs miracles! That’s probably how the citizens of Benidrom, in the Alicante province, think. The once poor fishermen’s village, has transformed into a famous tourist resort, with hotels and skyscrapers! Of course it is unknown how come all these swimmers, that visit the beach, enjoy swimming! However it is not recommended for all those that simply want to relax by the sea shore!!

5. Bondi beach, Sydney, Australia

Bondi beach

Photo source:

Another famous beach is the one of Bondi, near the cosmopolitan Sydney. The turquoise waters and the golden sand are the main characteristic of the shore! On the other hand the weather conditions and the raging, huge waves are offered for windsurfing, thus making the beach ideal for the surfers worldwide! Of course that has a cost! The crowds that visit it, cover every inch of the shore and all you see, instead of the blonde sand, are people, one on top of the other!

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6. Beach of Rabat, Rabat, Morrocco

Rabat beach

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The next destination or our list takes us to the exotic Morocco and it capital Rabat! The beach of Rabat gathers thousands of people that are attracted by the cool waters of the Atlantic ocean! All the people that have been there talk about a lovely beach that however suffocates by the countless tourists! Therefore, instead of searching a spot to rest and enjoy swimming in such a beach, simply go to admire the famous mausoleum of Mohammad the 5th and the old Medina.  

7.  Haeundae beach, Busan, South Korea

Haeundae beach, busan

Photo source:

The view of the beach of Busan in South Korea will surely impress you, as the uniformity of the sun umbrellas seems attractive! However, things are not ideal for the most crowded and famous beach of the country, according to thee tourism organization. Thousands of people visit Busan for their vacations and for its famous festivals and all these people gather on the beach Haeundae. The shore is full of tourists as full with hundreds, yellow floats is the sea!

8. Golden Mile beach, Durban, South Africa

Golden Mile beach, Durban

Photo source:

In Durban, South Africa, lies the famous “Golden Mile” beach. A very long seashore that combines the amazing golden sand with the raging waves of the South Atlantic ocean! As you might understand both the sunbathing lovers and the surfers flood the beach! Due to the huge waves and the sharks there are always lifeguards present!! Of course, with that many people, that gather by the shore, i am wondering who are they going to save first!

9. Beach of Durres, Durres, Albania

Dyrraxio beach

Photo source:

The ugly days in the history of the neighboring Albania are passing as time goes by! That can be seen from the rapid, ongoing tourist development which serves as a solid proof.of the better days yet to come! Durres is a major tourist resort and it beach is considered to be among the most crowded in the world! Especially during the high summer season, July and August, the beach is full of people as you can see by the photo above.

10. Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

The other famous beach of Rio couldn’t be missing from such a list! Don’t wait to find “The girl from Ipanema” from the famous Bossa Nova song of Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz. No matter how hard you try, you won’t find her among the thousands of swimmers that flood in the beach! As for swimming, who is really going to enter the sea first??


Of course, apart from the beaches above, there are many others, that gather way more people than they can actually accept! I will just mention the beaches of Coney Island and Miami in the United States, the Mar del Plata in Argentina and the Juhu beach in India. Are you jealous?? Do you want to go swimming to any of the shores above???I am happy for all those small coves and the beaches without many people, where we can enjoy our vacations. The massive tourism, that creates the above overcrowded beaches around the world, might cause more problems in the near future….Happy swimming!!!


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