Beautiful summer morning at the lake Pamvotis in Ioannina

Photo of the week

My way took meat the lake. Early in the morning, the time was about 07:10. I was driving my car on my way home, tired, ready to get some sleep. Although i was tired i decided to drive by the lake side rad, the one that passes around the castle. I wanted to see the sunrise. I parked my car and headed towards the lake. The all-green loan was covered by the coolness of the night and my nose was felling the humidity. On the other side, above the mount Mitsikeli, the sun was making his desirable appearance.

Limni Pamvotida

Samsung GT-N7100  f/2.65  1/513sec  63.7 mm  ISO75

Immediately the sun’s reflection and the golden color of the waters blinded my tired eyes. The small island and the nearby mountains were covered by a thin layer of fog, creating a mystic atmosphere. Slowly slowly the nature around me was illuminated and painted as the night’s dark was leaving. Unconsciously, i close my eyes, letting the life giving sun to shower me with its light! What an amazing sense, what a beautiful feeling! Nothing was disrupting the silence of that morning and the natural sounds, were simply an addition to the creation of a glorious moment. There by the lakeside, while the sun’s rays were heating my face…

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