Are you afraid of airplanes, long haul flights??? These are the 12 + 1 longest non-stop commercial flights in the world.


The small talk i had with a friend of mine, the other day, was the cause of the following article! Both being travel junkies, we had a conversation about flights! We started talking presenting our concerns about the recent aviation disasters and we ended up discussing about scenic destinations and exotic journeys! By the way, in this point, there is an important detail i need to mention! My friend doesn’t like long lasting flights! He is not afraid of airplanes, but as he says, he feels boredom during a non stop flight. He actually mentioned to me a journey he did in Asia, in Thailand, where he really felt stress, while flying for 8 hours. “8 hours is nothing”, i told him and immediately i mentioned the longest scheduled commercial flight by distance. Do you happen to know which is it? Check below and ask yourselves whether you would be able to make such a flight or not….

Zoom in and zoom out in the satellite images to see the whole path of the flight

1. Auckland – Dubai

This is the longest scheduled commercial flight by distance in the world! Flight EK 449 that started on March 2 20016, is operated by Emirates, the colossal airline that has as a hub the futuristic Dubai. 14,203 Km or 8.825 Miles is the distance that someone has to cover, in order to fly from Auckland, New Zealand to the Arabic Emirate. Does it look too much to you? The flight lasts 17 whole hours and 15 minutes and is served by a Boeing 777-200LR ( Long Range ). So what do you think?? Can you do it?

2. Dallas – Sydney

It’s absolutely reasonable, one of the longest flights ti have a connection with the vast continent of Oceania. The second longest flight by distance, flight QF 8, connects directly the city of Dallas, USA with Sydney, Australia. Crossing the equator, the 13.804Km ( 8578 Miles ) that divide the two continents require 16 hours and 55 minutes of flying time. The mean of transportation is nothing else than the biggest airplane in the world, the Airbus A 380-800, that operates under the Australian’s Quantas livery.

3. San Francisco – Singapore 

The passenger that travels from San Francisco to Singapore will fly 211 Km less than the flight above. 13593Km ( 8446 Miles ) is the distance between the city of the western shore of the US and the Asian metropolis and the airplane that serves this airline is the all-new United Airlines Boeing 787-900. Choose the summer scheduled flight since it lasts 16 hours and 20 minutes, one hour less than the flight during winter.

4. Johannesburg – Atlanta

The citizens of South Africa can travel directly to the USA! They simply book a ticket with Delta Airlines and after 16 hours and 40 minutes they drink their coffee in Atlanta!! The distance between South Africa and the capital of the State of Georgia is 13.582Km. Once more the exceptionally successful, long range airliner Boeing 777-200LR is responsible for the passenger’s transportation.

5. Abu Dhabi – Los Angeles

Apart from the Emirates, the United Arab Emirates, have another airline – representative in the list with the longest flights by distance. Etihad Airways, is flying from its hub in Abu Dhabi, using a 777-200LR for its transatlantic route, connecting the capital of the UAE with the cosmopolitan Los Angeles. The flight lasts 16 hours and 30 minutes and is measured 13.502 Km


6. Dubai – Los Angeles

Los Angeles is connected by air with one more of the Emirates, the Emirate of Dubai! This couldn’t be any different since Emirates continuously expands its network. The gigantic A380-800 transfers, securely and comfortably, the hundreds of passengers directly to California, flying the 13.420km distance. Enjoy your sleep because after 16 hours and 35 minutes, the jet lag awaits you!

7. Jeddah – Los Angeles

Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, forms the city – gate to all those who wish to travel to Mecca, the holy place of Muslims. It’s a destination where both construction enterprises and businesses flourish. Thus it is no surprise that the Saudi-Arabian Airways have chosen to connect Jeddah, directly with the US! With the Boeing 777-300ER ( Extra Range ), the 13.409 Km or 8.332 miles of the flight’s SV 41 distance, last between 16 hours and 55 to 30 minutes depending the season.

8. Doha – Los Angeles

Its is not by accident that the Arabic airlines, especially around the Persian gulf, dominate the passenger’s interest! Great prices, offered amenities of the highest level and hundreds of flights compose a successful airline! Just like Qatar airways, that operates the 8th longest flight by distance in the world, connecting Doha with Los Angeles. The flight is performed by a Boeing 777-200LR which covers the 13.367Km of the distance, between Qatar and the USA, in 16 hours and 25 minutes.

9. Dubai – Houston

Emirates is featured once more in the list, again using the Airbus’s A380-800, that is a guaranty in the long haul flights. This time the airplane has been chosen to connect directly, the city of Dubai with the city of Houston. The huge airplane of Airbus needs only 16 hours and 20 minutes for the 13.144 Km of the transatlantic flight. This flight is one of the oldest, since it firstly started in December 3, 2007.

10. Abu Dhabi – San Francisco

Back in Abu Dhabi in order to fly this time to the US and in San Francisco. The 10th longest commercial flight by distance in the world is operated by the exceptionally reliable Etihad, that uses a Boeing 777-300ER. The very first flight begun in November 18, 2014 and since then it continuously serves the increasing passenger’s numbers. Only 13.128 Km ( 8.158 miles ), a thousand miles less than the longest flight by distance, separate the 2 cities or if you prefer, 16 hours and 15 minutes.

11. Dallas – Hong Kong

Let go back once more, this time to the airlines that are based in the US and more specifically the American Airlines and its Boeing 777-300ER. The American Airlines, one of the biggest players in the market, connects the international airport of Dallas with China and Hong Kong, since June 2014, when it first started its non stop flights. The flight’s route passes over the Pacific ocean and it takes 16 hours and 20 minutes during summer, 45 minutes less than the winter schedules.

12. Dubai – San Francisco

As we said before, Emirates rules in the aviation market and here it comes once more in our list, with one more non stop flight! Since December 2008, flight EK 225, serves the passengers that wish to travel to the western shore of the US and more precisely to San Francisco! It is a famous and distant destination, since it takes 15 hours and 50 minutes for the A 380-800 to cover the distance which is almost 13.000 Km ( 13.041)


13. New York – Hong Kong

Are you ready for a journey from New York to Hong Kong?? The distance is not even 13.000 Km, to be precise it is 12.983 Km and it takes 16 hours with a Boeing 777-300ER to reach your destination. Cathay Pacific, the airline of the Chinese mega-city and one of the few airlines that have the 5 star rating, according to Skytrax, operated this distant route. A flight over the Pacific ocean and the US awaits you.

So what do you think?? Do you believe you can make it in any of the flights above?? Do you think the Km are a lot or not? Just for the history, i  believe that i should tell you about the longest flight by distance that has ever performed and that holds the Guinness record. In November 9, 2005, a 777-200LR of the Pakistani Airways flew from Hong Kong to London, in a 22 hours and 22 minutes non stop flight!! The distance it covered, get a hold of yourselves….21.602 Km, almost half the length of Earth’s periphery!!! Now how about that….

All the data above refer to the scheduled commercial flights of the respective airlines, as they are operated till the day of the article’s publication. Source 

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