Who i am


I am Manthos! A simple, regular, pesron who shares, along with many others, the passion for travels! I was born in Larissa, Greece, but now for the last years i live and work in Ioannina, Greece. I had the pleasure and the opportunities to travels a lot and i wish i am lucky to make more journeys, during my life. The first journey i ever made was in Strasburg and since then with patience and sparing my money i then travelled to Europe, then Northern Africa and later Asia. I was attracted by the desire to get to know new places, make contact with interesting people, learn foreign customs and traditions. And always my travels offered me the most beautifull and intense feelings and pushed me to dream and plan new journeyw to new unknown places. In every Destination i experienced again and again the enthusiasm and the thrill of the journey as if i was travelling for the first time in my life, as if i was going back in time to the very first time i saw the world in a different way. Through this blog i will write for the journeys i made, for the ones i make, i will upload photos, share informations and news, always around matters that concern travelling. As for my new journey?? Who knows where that will be?? Anywhere……





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