Beautiful summer morning at the lake Pamvotis in Ioannina

Photo of the week

My way took meat the lake. Early in the morning, the time was about 07:10. I was driving my car on my way home, tired Continue reading


A magnificent photo of the sunset in the castle of Ioannina.

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It was a spring day, just a couple of weeks before summer. The temperature was high enough for that period, although the weather in Ioannina was still cooler than Continue reading

The most sweet, little face i met in my journey to Egypt.

Photo of the weekI was feeling so tired! It was around afternoon and since that morning, i had left Cairo, i had crossed via airplane almost Continue reading

Cranes and skyscrapers in the incredible Dubai.

Photo of the week

What a hot day it was!! Although it was mid-February the temperature was high enough to make me change my mind and seek shelter Continue reading

Anafiotika, a taste of an island in the heart of Athens.

Photo of the weekFrom the years i was living in Athens, i will never forget the walks while exploring the city! I was taking the bus or the metro and i was just wondering around. Continue reading

The acrobats of the Nile.

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The riverboat moves slowly on the river Nile. Its already morning and we are far away from Aswan. Continue reading

The pyramids in Cairo bring to life the magnitude of Egypt.


Photo of the weekThere is no chance that  if i talk about Egypt then there is only one thing that will come to your mind Continue reading

The illuminated twin Petronas towers in Kuala lumpur.

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Since the very first time i traveled to Thailand, i loved the Southeast Asia region Continue reading

Religious people in Bangkok are praying in Erawan shrine.

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One of the first things someone will find out about Thai people is that they are truly happy persons. They keep smiling Continue reading

The beauty of Santorini captured in one photo

I have traveled twice to the beautiful island of Santorini Continue reading