On the 15th of August there is no better thing than a trip to Samarina, Grevena, for the fest of Panagia


The 15th of August is coming and always the feelings are mixed! What do i mean?? On the one hand it is a period that most people are on vacations, on the other hand, the thoughts that summer is about to end become more and more. In case you don’t go swimming in a beach, choose to go to the mountain! Continue reading


Beautiful summer morning at the lake Pamvotis in Ioannina

Photo of the week

My way took meat the lake. Early in the morning, the time was about 07:10. I was driving my car on my way home, tired Continue reading

“Kavourotrypes” beach in Sithonia, Chalkidiki, an exotic, dreamy beach that you will either love it or hate it.

Kavourotrypes - Xalkidiki

I had never been to Chalkidiki! I could only imagine the lovely beaches and the rich, all-green nature of the region. The descriptions were countless, some of them were modest, but most of them were extremely vivid and pompous. Truly, i didn’t know what to expect, when finally Continue reading

The “Kavalikefta” beach in Kalamitsi, Lefkada you are going to love it, you are going to adore it, you will want to visit it again.

Kavalikefta, Lefkada

Over the last years i go to Lefkada almost every year! Either for a couple of days or for one day, the road brings me to the beautiful, all green island of the Ionian sea! Lefkada is a beloved destination, not only to me but also to all those tourists that have Continue reading

For cinephile nights under the starry sky of Larisa, Greece, go to the summer cinema Cine Mylos.

Cine Milos

I am a cinephile and as often as i can, i go to the cinema, in order to feel, first handed, the magic of the big screen. It is a beautiful relationship that started in my childhood and still stands strong. Besides that, cinema has a special charm that doesn’t decay as time passes. Continue reading

Are you ready for a dive?? These are the most beautiful and magnificent beaches in the Ionian sea, that you have to visit during summer.


Summer, sun, sea, swimming, words that are connected, words that bring to our minds vacations and relaxation on the beach. Greece has plenty of sun and beaches thus the travelers have many choices! Travels4ever has chosen the most beautiful beaches of the Ionian sea. Continue reading

Theogefyro, one unique, beautiful natural destination, in a short distance from the city of Ioannina, Greece


My initial thought was ” lets go to the seaside….” 

That was an ideal choice since the weather in Ioannina was better, with the temperature being similar with the one all around Greece, moreover summer was in our door. However because i woke up late and i had a few errands Continue reading

Admiring the magnificent view of Lisbon from the base of the huge statue of Christ the king.


“There is no better view of Lisbon”! I was absolute and of course i had my photos as a proof. That’s how i persuaded a friend of mine to visit Lisbon, choosing it instead of  going a 10-days journey to Barcelona. Indeed the view is Continue reading

At the Seray patisserie, in Istiklal street, you are going to eat the best sweets in istanbul.

Politiko ekmekIt’s been three months since i stopped eating sweets! I know that for some this is not a big deal, especially if they are among those people that never eat sweets, however for me its very important. Furthermore my effort is valued even more because Continue reading

The “Tzamales”, the fires of the carnival in Ioannina, are still burning.

Tzamales carnival ioannina

The carnival came again this year. It came and left, like the Winter who slowly slowly will be succeeded by Spring. Continue reading