When the nature is painting, the sunset is simply breathtaking.

Photo of the week

“Do you want to go swimming”??

That was the only question need to be done and the answer was given immediately and of course it was positive. What would be better than going swimming on Saturday, even if the time was 15:30? That’s what summer is all about. Without a schedule, simply having a great summertime. Car, route, Arillas beach in Perdika, Thesprotia and swimming in the cool waters. Time passed joyfully and fast, as fast as everything joyful passes. We didn’t want to head back, that’s why our feet were moving lazy, towards the car. On my left hand the sun was setting in the horizon…


I run quickly to the shore and since i didn’t have my photo camera, i simply used my mobile phone. What a lovely sunset! The sun had this deep red color, the one that great painters have impressed on the canvas! Only that this time the nature was painting and nature was on fire! The sky was colored with the twilight’s colors and incredible shades of red and orange were covering it. The sun’s rays were forming an illuminated ring and the clouds between them were creating a majestic image! I felt once more impressed by the nature’s creation, i felt once more this special and incomprehensible attraction that sunsets apply. That way, my eyes slowly followed the sun’s movement,until it disappeared in the horizon…

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When you go to Kalamata…. you will have a great time in the beautiful city of the Peloponnese.


When you go to Kalamata…

That’s how the famous song goes. Recently I found myself in this beautiful city of the southwestern Peloponnese, which is the capital of the Messinia Municipality. Kalamata is Continue reading

We have reached the 1000 Likes milestone and we keep going….


A few months ago the travels4ever page on Facebook reached the 500 Likes milestone and now i am happy to announce  that the page have reached 1000 Likes. I know that they are not many, especially when other pages have thousands of Likes and even more followers. However this blog is something personal, something that is happening with love and afford and that’s what counts at the end. My personal experiences are presented, here along with photos taken by me ( with others from the Web ), with personal opinions. I would like to thank you for your support this past year and promise you even more articles and photos. You, the readers, give me strength to continue , you the readers have the power for an even better course.

Thank you

The most beautiful, traditional, Easter customs of Greece that you have to see for yourself.

Easter eggs

The period of Easter, for the Christians Orthodox, has come and it is celebrated with respect. We are half through the Holy Week, the week of Christ’s passions and everywhere, the faithful, feel the God-man’s drama, just before its peak the Holy Thursday, with the crucifixion and while waiting for the Lord’s Resurrection. Continue reading