Check out the most overcrowded beaches in the world! You won’t be able to believe how many people go there!

Haeundae beach, busan

When summer comes, we are all waiting passionately how to go to a beach to enjoy swimming and relax, lying down on the hot sand or our sunbed. Continue reading


The “Kavalikefta” beach in Kalamitsi, Lefkada you are going to love it, you are going to adore it, you will want to visit it again.

Kavalikefta, Lefkada

Over the last years i go to Lefkada almost every year! Either for a couple of days or for one day, the road brings me to the beautiful, all green island of the Ionian sea! Lefkada is a beloved destination, not only to me but also to all those tourists that have Continue reading

Can you guess which are the 10 best, winter, destinations in Greece???

Christmas are coming

Winter is coming, Christmas are in less than a month. Summer will be late, however this doesn’t mean that Continue reading