Check out the most overcrowded beaches in the world! You won’t be able to believe how many people go there!

Haeundae beach, busan

When summer comes, we are all waiting passionately how to go to a beach to enjoy swimming and relax, lying down on the hot sand or our sunbed. Continue reading


See which are the top 25 landmarks in the world, that you definitely have to visit.

25 top landmarks

Pretty much, all of us have looked at a post card, showing a landmark and have questioned ourselves about the monument’s country of origin! Pretty much all of us have thoughts of traveling in destinations, simply for admiring live one of those monuments! Continue reading

These are the 20+1 best amusement parks all over the world that your kids will simply love.

Water slides

The amusement parks have gained the interest among the kids, our little friends, by offering endless hours of joy and fun. They are tourist destinations that attract the travelers Continue reading